• Designer: Marie Salembier with West 8
  • Team: Marie Salembier with West 8 + Overland Partners + Dykema Architects + Texas Community Watershed Partners
  • Client: Houston Botanic Garden
  • Size: 120 Acres

Marie contributed to the development of the conceptual design of the plant collections and tailored the feel of the Garden & plant palettes for the Houston Botanic Garden. As one of only two major U.S cities without a botanic garden, Houston’s new project is a signifier for the city. In the Garden the splendor of Houston’s biodiversity is explored and enjoyed in a serene setting. Houston Botanic Garden will provide outstanding displays and programs, serve as a model for sustainability, and inspire environmental stewardship while learning about plants and the natural world. The Garden will be an oasis of beauty allowing for contemplation, education, inspiration, and research. Numerous planting palettes were created to showcase the beauty of the Texan flora but also flora from many parts of the world. From arid to subtropical climates, the best species for the site and its local microclimates have been carefully chosen to thrive, while taking visitors on a botanical world tour.